Infusion Therapy

Infusion Therapy


Our IV infusion and medication therapy program support in-patient and outpatient services. We encourage in-home infusion therapy for the medical home model.

Our team of providers, work with various pharmacies and physician offices to support functional veinoux access and infusion therapy.


Veinoux ambulatory and home infusion services utilizes site of care optimization strategy to seek out and promote the most economical and clinically effective place to deliver care for a particular patient.


The site of care optimization strategy provides the largest savings opportunity in specialty drug delivery and management.

According to CVS/caremark’s Insights 2013 Specialty Drug Trend Report, infused drugs make up roughly $35 billion of the specialty drug market. In addition, specialty medications are expected to increase from $92 billion in 2012 to $235 billion by 2018.
With increasing use of site-of-care options, our team of Physicians, Allied health providers and specialty pharmacy provides access to holistic quality ambulatory and home infusion services in the areas we serve.

Services We Provide

AcuteProfessional substance abuse treatment:Intensive Outpatient treatment (OPT)Chronic and complex medical conditionsIV AntibioticsImmune globulin therapyBiologics and Biosimilars for: arthritis,disease or Ulcerative colitis, Hepatitis B and C,Pulmonary HypertensionOther ChemotherapiesKetamine clinic: Pain Management, Post-partum depression,Anticoagulation/Coumadin ClinicNutrition and wellness infusions: IV hydration, Enteral Nutrition
Our state of the act facilities creates a natural ambience that promotes healing with support of experienced medical staffs.
Our strategic locations serve the communities and patient with the greatest needs, and support health care facilities continuum of care.
Our facility hours of operations :- Monday – Friday 8:30 -4:30pm.
Home Infusion services are available :- Weekdays, Weekends and Holidays


Veinoux Healthy Flow, Optimized

About Veinoux

We assist healthcare facilities and institutions to develop and operate quality vascular access program to improve patient satisfaction.


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Call 911 for all medical emergencies.

Copyright  Veinoux 2019. All rights reserved.

Copyright Veinoux 2019. All rights reserved.